Kickstarter Campaign: ‘Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra’

Most people might recognize Jesse Heiman from Go Daddy’s controversial Super Bowl commercial in which he tongue kissed a model. For me, he’s the guy that popped up in the background of practically every movie made in the last 10 years, providing a ‘spot THAT guy’ mini-game while simultaneously breaking down my suspension of disbelief by inadvertently connecting otherwise disparate movie universes that should remain separate. Try watching Old School and The Social Network back to back and watch for Heiman looming around in the background. Suddenly I find myself picturing Vince Vaughan throwing the Final-Clubs parties and Will Ferrel streaking through Harvard’s campus grounds.

Old School

Social Network

Needless to say, Jesse’s status as a ‘cult extra’ and his sudden rise in popularity thanks to Go Daddy has put him in an interesting position in his career. Documentary filmmaker Nick Weis has recognized this new trajectory and has been filming Heiman for the upcoming feature documentary Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra.

Jesse Heiman, an unlikely star, has since worked steadily, on hundreds of films and television series alongside some of the most prominent names in the business. Directors from Spielberg to Fincher have placed him in the center of the frame for their highest profile projects – albeit as a wholly anonymous presence. From Old School to The Social Network, Catch Me If You Can and Spiderman — Jesse has offered up the face dreammakers sought: homely, earnest, innocent, and brave. Over time, Jesse’s pure determination has made him an unlikely, irresistible worldwide face.

Weis and his crew are looking to raise $65,000 for the film and they have about 16 days to go. Check out the trailer above and then head over to their Kickstarter page and help these guys and girls tell Jesse’s story.