‘Oxyana’ Official Trailer

Some of you have surely seen Sean Dunne’s work. I’ve posted about many of his documentary shorts here at The Documentary Blog so be sure to make use of the search bar if you’re not already familiar. Recently he started up a Kickstarter campaign for his feature film debut titled ‘Oxyana’, and it turns out it was a success. The film is completed, has played Tribeca, and is now available for digital download via Vimeo and DVD/Blu Ray. An official trailer has popped up as well and I think the film looks amazing. Here’s the synopsis:

Tucked in the Appalachian mountains of Southern West Virginia, Oceana, is a small, once thriving coal-mining town that has fallen victim to the fast spreading scourge of prescription painkiller Oxycontin. As the coal industry slowly declined and times got tough, a black market for the drug sprung up and along with it a rash of prostitution, theft and murder. Soon its own residents had nicknamed the town Oxyana and it began to live up to its reputation as abuse, addiction and overdoses became commonplace. Oxyana is a harrowing front line account of a community in the grips of an epidemic, told through the voices of the addicts, the dealers and all those affected. It is a haunting glimpse into an American nightmare unfolding before our eyes, a cautionary tale told with raw and unflinching honesty.

Be sure to check out the trailer above and then head over to Vimeo and buy/rent/download ‘Oxyana’. It’s also available on DVD and Blu Ray here.