Help Support the Ross Bros. New Film ‘Tchoupitoulas’

I’m a big fan of the Ross Bros. 45365, so much so that I can now type the title out by memory. I’m very excited for the day when I can say the same for their next film, ‘Tchoupitoulas’. It looks like a ton of fun and is one of my must-see docs of 2012. Now the Ross Bros. are looking for some help with raising money to clear the music in their new film. Here’s what they have to say about their Kickstarter campaign:

Our new film is about 3 kids, New Orleans at night, and MUSIC — but we need to raise money to clear the music in order to release the film! Besides some other work by us, we’ve chosen rewards that commemorate New Orleans, music, and — here’s the best part — fantastic films by our friends who also make documentaries. If we don’t raise at least $38,000, the music in Tchoupitoulas will remain uncleared, the film unreleaseable, and we’ll never be able to show it to everyone. The bottom line: WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO SHOW YOU THIS MOVIE!

I want to be able to see this movie! So head over to their Kickstarter page and kick in some quidley in exchange for some great incentives. Also, be sure to check out episode #6 of The Documentary Blog podcast, featuring Bill and Turner Ross talking about 45365.

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