Kickstarter Campaign: Bending Steel

It’s been a while since we’ve highlighted a Kickstarter campaign here at The Documentary Blog, so I thought I would throw up a post in support of a film that looks like it has a lot of heart and could be a “tonne” (clever, right?) of fun to watch. Bending Steel is the story of Chris Schoeck, a Queens native training to become a professional strongman. Here’s the synopsis:

“Bending Steel” documents Chris’ personal journey, as a strongman in training, to find acceptance and fulfillment through his initiation in to a world of strength and showmanship. With the help of Chris Rider, his strongman trainer, Chris Schoeck follows his dream and attempts to join a coveted position amongst the great Oldetime Strongmen who performed for captivated audiences at Coney Island and around the world. Over the years the strongmen have faded from the spotlight and their legacy has been lost in time. To revitalize the art of performing strength feats, Chris is forced to face adversity and overcome his introverted nature in order to step out on the boardwalk for the first time and earn a place in history.

At this point the film is shot and the hundreds of hours of footage is in the process of being shaped into a feature film. Director Dave Carrol and co-producer/cinematographer Ryan Scafuro are hoping to raise $25,000 to go towards various key post-production services. As of this post, they’ve got 12 days to go and are at nearly the halfway point. Have a look at the trailer above and the Kickstarter video below and help support a potentially great film. You can do so by heading over to Kickstarter and donating some money in return for some great incentives! For more information on Bending Steel, visit the official website and Facebook page. Good luck guys!

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