The Movie Club Podcast Discusses F for Fake, Exit Through the Gift Shop and Catfish

The Movie Club Podcast

For those who aren’t aware, every month or so I take part in a podcast called The Movie Club Podcast,┬áin which I sit down with a bunch of other movie bloggers and engage in an in-depth conversation about two (or in this case three) pre-selected films. This month’s episode has just been posted and I figured I’d share it over here at The Documentary Blog, as it’s particularly relevant to documentary flimmaking. We sat down and dug into Orson Welles’ F for Fake, Banksy’s Oscar-nominated film Exit Through the Gift Shop, and the controversial Sundance darling, Catfish. We talk for almost three hours about truth in non-fiction filmmaking, documentary ethics, and manage to go off on a few related tangents. The line up is: Me (Jay), from The Documentary Blog and Film Junk, Sean from Film Junk, Kurt from Row Three and Twitch, James from Where the Long Tail Ends, and Marina from Row Three and Quiet Earth.

I highly recommend you click here and head over to The Movie Club Podcast website and give this episode a listen. Also, be sure to join in the conversation!