The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #6: (Guests: Bill and Turner Ross and The Muscle)

Once again, it’s time for a new episode of The Documentary Blog Podcast! This week we’re joined by the Ross brothers (Turner and Bill), directors of last year’s SXSW festival favourite 45365. They join us for the entire show as we talk about some documentary recommendations and I discuss my experience at this years CPH:DOX film festival. We also talk to Turner and Bill about their experience making 45365 and the success that followed it. It’s also worth noting that I was suffering jet lag when we recorded this episode, so I take no responsibility for how slow I talk or the things I say. Having said that, this was one fun show! Gotta love those Ross Bros™! Have a listen to the show below and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes (and rate us while you’re at it).

0:00 – Intro
5:20 – How Was Your Weekend?

Family Fued, CPH:DOX,
Cleanflix News, Red Rock Film Festival, Marshall Cartwright
17:10 – Recommendations
Jay Happy People: A Year of the Taiga, American: The Bill Hicks Story, Wasteland, Manda Bala, Sometimes It’s Gonna Hurt, At the Edge of Russia, Middletown
Ross Bros The Exiles, The Stranger’s Land, Because We Were Born, Running Stumbled, Big River Man, Jackass 3D
Josh Sons of Perdition, Cool It, Winnebago Man, Best Worst Movie
45:00 – Interview: The Ross Bros
01:28:20 – Outro

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Intro Music: “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” – Dump Truck
Outro Music: “Black or White” – Dick Brave & The Backbeats