The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #4: (Guest: Jeff Deutchman)

On episode four of The Documentary Blog Podcast Jay and Josh are joined by Jeff Deutchman, director of 11/4/08. We talk to Jeff about making a ‘participatory documentary’ and his interesting distribution plans for the film. 11/4/08 is released tomorrow and you can see more information on where to see the film here. In addition we have the usual discussion about documentaries everyone watched this week, which includes Jay’s review of Jackass 3D and Jeff’s recommendation of the latest Patricio Guzmán film, Nostalgia for the Light. Make sure to check out the show notes after the jump for all of the info you need on our guests and the topics we discuss. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Intro
2:48 – Recommendations

Jeff Nostalgia For the LightCave of Forgotten Dreams
Jay Jackass 3DDeadliest CatchConvention, Tigrero
Josh Reel Paradise, Reel Injun
33:37 – Interview: Jeff Deutchman, 11/4/08
1:11:37 – Outro

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Intro Music: “Things Are What You Make of Them” – Bishop Allen
Outro Music: “Artex” – Drew Danburry

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