James Cameron to make 3D Documentary

James Cameron has announced his next project and it’s not Avatar 2 – or maybe it is, in a roundabout way. The film will be a documentary about the Xikrin-Kayapó tribe in Brazil and their fight to prevent construction of a hydroelectric dam. The tribe lives along the Xingu River, which is a tributary of the Amazon. Campaigners against the dam say that the required flooding will make the land uninhabitable for the tribe, displacing about 12,000 people and destroying the fishing industry.

Cameron has been campaigning against the plans but President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva approved them last week and work is set to begin in early 2011. Several trips to visit the tribe have already resulted in a short film that will be a feature on the upcoming special-edition Avatar DVD. But now is looks likely he will be going back for a feature-length version, with 3D camera in tow.

Quoted in Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Cameron said, “I want to return to meet some of the leaders of the Xikrin-Kayapo tribe who invited me…  I want to take a 3D camera to film how they live, their culture. When I was asked to help the Brazilian Indians, who were desperate, I could not turn away.”

When James Cameron becomes interested in a subject it seems to provoke slight obsession via cinema, and after directing a documentary and exec-producing countless more about the Titanic could this may be the first in a series about this issue?