Watch it For Free: Shooting Robert King

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I haven’t had a chance to check out Richard Parry’s Shooting Robert King yet, but thanks to the fine folks at SnagFilms, I can now watch it for free, and so can you! Starting today, the film will be available for two weeks, and they’ve also opened up an embeddable option. Above this text is the full version of the film which you can watch right here at The Documentary Blog! TOTAL BONUS. Here’s the synopsis:

Sarajevo, 1993. Robert King is 23-years-old, fresh out of Art College and prepared to dodge bullets on the front line with dreams of a Pulitzer Prize. His dreams prove elusive.

Occasionally comic, often touching, more often dark, Shooting Robert King, is the tale of war photographer Robert King, a unique and personal journey which follows him over 15 years and through three wars.

Over these 15 years, Shooting Robert King records Robert’s transition from boy to man, to husband and father. It is a biography, which leads from reckless naivety to maturity hardened by war and softened by
family. It is a story, which forces Robert to inevitably question why he chose a profession, which involves an endless trail of death and destruction.

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