Gasland to Premiere on HBO June 21st


One of the films I was most pleasantly surprised by at this years Hot Docs festival was Josh Fox’s Gasland (You can read my review for it here). The film has a great environmental message that’s supported by some unique, poetic filmmaking. I thought it almost felt like a combination of Michael Moore meets Harmony Korine (minus the obligatory scene of a kid eating spaghetti in the bathtub). If you happened to miss the film at Sundance (where it won the Documentary Special Jury Prize) or Hot Docs, you’re in luck! HBO has announced that they’ll be running Gasland June 21st at 9pm as a part of their summer documentary series. It’s great timing considering the current public contempt for any sort of drilling (DENTISTS, YOU’RE NEXT). I do highly recommend you check this one out if you’ve got the HBO.

Visit the Gasland official website for more info on the film and HBO for information on this month’s upcoming broadcast.