Trek Nation Trailer

There was a point when I thought I was a Star Trek fan. I loved almost all of the movies, bought some of the toys and even attended a convention years ago. It wasn’t until I started working for a video game developer that I realized I wasn’t a Star Trek fan after all. At least not in comparison to some of the people I’d worked with who truly had their shit together when it came to that whole universe. The other revelation that had me second guessing my Trekker status was Roger Nygard’s hilarious documentary Trekkies, a great entry level film for documentary-curious filmgoers. I suppose since JJ Abrams has brought Star Trek back into the mainstream arena, it only makes sense that a new documentary was soon to follow. Unfortunately (maybe?) it’s Nygard’s sense of humour is traded in for what seems to be a pretty straight forward — and borderline heavy — look at Gene Rodenberry’s work on Trek and how it affected the world, as brought us by his son/direct of the film, Rod Rodenberry.

While I don’t think Star Trek or its fans deserves to be made fun of (as I said, I am a fan) I do think that it does require a bit of a sense of humour for non-Trekkers to buy into the legacy of the show in all of its occassionally ridiculous glory. While Trek Nation seems to be very well shot and contains a personal angle through Rod Rodenberry’s perspective, I can’t help but wonder if its heavy handed approach my undercut any of the fun that was had in films like Trekkies, turning this into something that takes itself a little too seriously. Having said that, maybe Star Trek deserves a film that isn’t kind heartedly poking fun at its fans? What do you think? Check out the trailer above and let us know in the comments section.