Short Doc: The S from Hell

There are certain annoying habits you have that you have no idea where they came from. One of mine has always been the need to name the various production/distribution companies as their logos appear at the beginning of films. Lovable trait, no, plain annoying, yes. It was only as I sat down to watch Inglorious Basterds this Christmas with my Dad and hearing him shout out the logos with a smug sense of pride did I realise it was sadly an inherited trait, thanks for that. However, now a documentary exists that’s tailor made for my nerd-tendencies.

The S from Hell is one of the great short films available to watch in full online from this year’s Sundance. The only other I got to see was My Rabbit Hoppy by Anthony Lucas, a comedy/horror which I absolutely loved. I tried to track it down online but no luck. The S from Hell will appeal to all my fellow logo/type geeks (I cling to the hope they exist) and you can watch the film above.

Synopsis: THE S FROM HELL is a short documentary-cum-horror film about the scariest corporate symbol in history – The 1964 Screen Gems logo, aka ‘The S From Hell.’ Built around interviews with survivors still traumatized from their childhood exposure to the logo after shows like Bewitched or The Monkees, the film brings their stories to life with animation, found footage, and dramatic reenactments.

Not an exhaustive historical documentary, THE S FROM HELL is a subjective film whose aim is make the audience feel the same fear and confusion as the children who were first confronted by the vexing, unfolding sights and mournful, dissonant sounds that hid in the cracks between their favorite TV shows.