Sheffield Doc/Fest: A Time Comes – The Story of the Kingsnorth Six

Screening today and Saturday at the festival with Shelter in Place is Nick Broomfield’s new film A Time Comes – The Story of the Kingsnorth Six

In this nineteen minute short Nick Broomfield goes back to look at a group of Greenpeace activists who decided to climb the chimney of Kingsnorth power station in protest of government plans for the first new coal-fired power station in Britain for three decades. The protest made national news and the activists were arrested. The resulting court case gained support from the world’s leading scientists and their subsequent acquittal was historic and changed government policy.

Nick Broomfield has not hidden the fact that his arm had to be twisted to get involved in a project like this, which is far removed from his usual work. However, once convinced, he committed fully and pulled together an incredible team all of whom worked free of charge. The subject matter and format are not the only change of form as the film uses an almost Richard Avedon-esque interview style and the release was made online and remains available to watch in full. You can find the film embedded at the end of this post.

The music was provided by Nick Laird-Clowes and features vocal and guitar contributions from David Gilmour, of which has also been made free to download here.

The final freebie is a 30 minute interview with Nick Broomfield talking about the making of ‘A Time Comes’ which can be downloaded here.