Don’t You Forget About Me: A Documentary About John Hughes

Timing is an important factor when it comes to documentary filmmaking. If you can tackle a relevant topic at just the right moment, you may suddenly find your movie gaining exposure overnight. Such is the case with the makers of the upcoming documentary Don’t You Forget About Me, which explores “the influence and absence of John Hughes”. With the unexpected news of Hughes’ death this week, they’ve decided to dedicate the entire film to his memory, and throw together a rough trailer that shows off footage from this work in progress.

In addition to interviewing filmmakers who have been influenced by Hughes (such as Jason Reitman and Kevin Smith), Toronto actor/director Matt Austin and three friends actually travel to Chicago to try and meet John Hughes in person. They also hope to get to the bottom of his sudden and mysterious disappearance from Hollywood. For more info, and to keep up to date with the progress of the film, check out their production blog or the official website at