Joe Berlinger’s Crude: The Real Price of Oil Trailer


Joe Berlinger’s latest documentary Crude: The Real Price of Oil is one of many Sundance premieres that we weren’t lucky enough to catch earlier this year, but the good news is that it will be coming to select theatres this September. I have to admit that without Berlinger’s name on it, it would probably seem like just another movie about pollution and environmental disaster. However, when one of the guys behind Brother’s Keeper, Paradise Lost and Paradise Lost 2 gets involved, you know there must be an important and compelling story here.

Indeed, this is an investigation into one of the biggest and most controversial lawsuits ever, with the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador going head to head with oil giant Chevron over the contamination of their land. I’m sure it will be infuriating to watch, but if you’re a fan of Berlinger’s work, you know you won’t be able to resist. At the very least, it should tide us over until Paradise Lost 3 is finally released. Check out the trailer below or watch it in HD over at Crude hits theatres on September 9th.