Trailer: Front Runners

Front Runners

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s production company Oscilloscope (Check out the cool retro ‘Toho-Scope’ logo!) has just acquired the distribution rights to ‘Front Runners'; a documentary about the electoral process at one of America’s ‘most prestigious public high schools, Stuyvesant High School in New York City.’ Here’s the synopsis:

‘An entertaining and symbolic campaign film, put forth in classic verite style, we follow our charming and idiosyncratic candidates as they navigate an electoral process that is said to be one of the most competitive at the high school level. These teenaged candidates face the same issues as candidates of any age, such as picking the “right” running mate, shaking as many hands as possible, preparing for televised debates, impressing the pundits and journalistic community, addressing sensitive race-related issues, and mobilizing an apathetic voter base.’

So the trailer is up on MySpace and I’m not entirely sure if it’s the final, official one. First off, there’s no dialogue. No sense of any of the characters. It plays more like a teaser. Either way, the topic is interesting and is sure to be entertaining on some level. Everyone is coming off of the American Teen buzz, so maybe that will help push this film along. Front Runners has a few screenigns in some major American cities in mid October. Check out the trailer below and then visit the official website for more info.

FrontRunners Trailer