In House: Toronto International Film Festival and After Dark Film Festival

The Goblin Man of Norway

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d just catch you up with what I’ve been up to. The blogging has taken a back seat (let’s face it, it’s always taken a back seat) to some projects I’ve been working on lately. The biggest one being a short horror film I’m shooting over the next month or so. We’ve shot the first scene and it went well. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Secondly, me and Sean are going to be checking out a few films at this years Toronto International Film Festival. We split a ten pack of tickets and were lucky enough to get ALL of our first five choices. The only documentary of the bunch is Larry Charles’ ‘Religulous’, which I’m very excited to see.

Also, a short film I directed will be playing at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The Goblin Man of Norway is a faux documentary which was released in support of the Xbox 360 title Too Human. The short draws inspiration from the films of Werner Herzog (specifically Wild Blue Yonder), Errol Morris and John Carpenter. I’m very excited to have been included in the festival and hope to get to visit some others throughout the year. You can check out the full film (broken into three parts) by following the link below.

The Goblin Man of Norway

So posting around here will be pretty sparse for a while. However, I hope to throw up some reviews now and again, so stay tuned.