Review – Heavy Metal in Baghdad

Heavy Metal in Baghdad
Directed by: Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti

Heavy Metal in BaghdadFans of’s ‘Vice Guide to Travel’ and its guerrilla-style journalism won’t be disappointed by ‘Heavy Metal in Baghdad’. Directors Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti follow up on a story previously published in Vice Magazine (read the original article ‘No War For Heavy Metal’ here.) about Iraq’s only heavy metal band, Acrassicauda, resulting in a film that’s a visceral, eye opening look at civilian life in an American invaded, post-Sadam Iraq. As is the case with the Vice travel guides, Heavey Metal in Baghdad is as much about the journey of the filmmaker as it is the subject itself. Danger is ever-present throughout the filming of the doc, giving all the more reason to empathize with those folks who have to live through such conditions on a daily basis. It’s interesting to note that the crew doesn’t hold back in getting involved in the story themselves, originally having set up Acrassicauda’s last Iraq gig and helping them secure studio time to record a few of their songs. Overall, I guess the approach isn’t so much a hands-off, birds-eye-view editorial, but rather a documentation of the overall experience for everyone involved. A great film for, even for non-metal fans. This would’ve been a perfect candidate for one of my five recommended heavy metal documentaries from a while back.