Trailer: Joy Division

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If there’s one thing that, in my opinion, the non-fiction film world does better than Hollywood, it’s biopics. Sometimes i just can’t get past the whole feeling of those films playing out like extended celebrity impressions. I’ve always thought a true documentary on Andy Kaufman would’ve worked so much better than Milos Forman’s fairly paint-by-numbers ‘Man on the Moon’. I didn’t even see Ray or Walk the Line. I’m always reminded of parodies in which an actor within a film gets his big break by playing a historical figure or celebrity, only to have it play out like total Hollywood cheese. Think Vincent Chase as Joey Ramone or Pablo Escobar. It’s just so ridiculous.

Last year, Joy Division photographer Anton Corbijn released his own biopic, ‘Control’. The film was actually alright, with a performance by Sam Riley that seemed fairly spot on. (Although the fact that I even though about how spot on he was is in my eyes a bit of a distraction.) That same year, a documentary about Joy Division hit the festival circuit. Director Grant Gee has assembled an impressive list of interview subjects that include all surviving members of Joy Division (now New Order). The trailer for the film has hit YouTube and I must say that I think this will fill whatever void was left empty after seeing Control. Check it out below and then share your thoughts on biopics in the comments section.