Personal Project: Graham Wing Interview

I’ll be the first to admit that my enthusiasm for blogging has been at an all time low as of late. I guess the more time I spend writing disposable posts on the internet, the more bad I feel about not dedicating my time to something more substantial. Well luckily I’ve had a personal project on the go for a couple of months now, and I just finished shooting an interview for it yesterday morning. I spoke with Graham Wing, founder and editor of the Access Niagara blog about his love for Niagara Falls, it’s current state of tourism, and his petition in support of wire walker Jay Cochrane’s bid to cross the falls. The interview turned out great, and we were lucky enough to shoot inside the underground killer whale viewing tanks at Marineland. Here’s two stills from the shoot:



The future of this project is still sort of up in the air, but i’m definitely having a good time doing it. It’s nice to know that i’m the only person counting on everything to fall into place, and if everything fails, I can walk away with some good experiences. Stay tuned for future updates as I force myself to get my blog on.