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The Documentary Blog Podcast is a new bi-weekly podcast discussing non-fiction filmmaking in all its forms. Hosts Jay Cheel and Josh Ligairi will be joined by a guest each week to talk about the latest in documentary news, reviews, trailers and DVD/Blu-ray releases.

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The Documentary Blog Podcast Ep #12 (Guest: Michael Webber, Director of Elephant In the Living Room)

00:00 INTRO

Beauty Day at HotDocs

03:18 How was your weekend?

(features lots of conversation about indie film distribution)

The Elephant In the Living Room distribution
Continental Kickstarter campaign
The Cockettes

21:21 Recommendations

Cool It
If God is Willing and Da Creek Dont Rise

27:35 Elephant in the Living Room interview

1:01:28 OUTRO

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-Intro Music “Winter’s Love” – Animal Collective [i-Tunes link]
-Outro Music “Animal” – Neon Trees [i-Tunes link]

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #11 (Guests: Tyler Measom and Jennilyn Merten, Directors of Sons of Perdition)

00:00 Intro
USA Today’s Pop Candy
Beauty Day

05:44 How Was Your Weekend?
Apocalypse Radio

12:34 Recommendations

Family Instinct
Everyday Sunshine
Dragon Slayer
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Elephant In the Living Room
Last Train Home
The Oath
American Hardcore

32:26 Sons of Perdition Interview

1:05:30 Outro

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-Intro Music “Where Angels Fear” – Apocalypse Radio [i-Tunes link]
-Outro Music “Lost Souls” – Apocalypse Radio [i-Tunes link]

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #10: Slamdance Special

00:00 Intro

Slamdance Filmmaker Interviews

04:47 Superheroes
19:20 Last Fast Ride
27:56 Fordson
37:05 Bhopali

50:46 Outro

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Intro Music: “Slamdance” – Paperclip People [itunes link]
Outro Music: “Whore” – The Insaints [link]

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #9: Sundance Special

00:00 Intro
02:56 Recommendations:
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation FrontSatan Since 2003
Charlotte: ReaganHell and Back AgainBeats Rhymes and LifeProject NimLife In a Day
19:45 Interviews with the Sundance Documentary Filmmakers
19:52 Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz of The Interrupters
38.06 Joy Foy of Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
48.09 Constance Marks and James Miller of Being Elmo
1:00:23 Leonard Retel Helmrich of Position Among the Stars
1:08:35 Matthew Bate of Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure
1:24:50 Peter Richardson of How to Die in Oregon
1:35:28 Trevor Anderson of The High Level Bridge
1:40:22 Göran Olsson of The Blackpower Mixtape: 1967-75
1:52:48 Outro

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Intro Music “Check the Rhime” – A Tribe Called Quest [i-Tunes link]
Outro Music “Trains X” –  Bramble [link]

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #8: (Guests: Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer, Directors of Darkon and New World Order)

0:00 – Intro
3:05 – What We Watched
Jay: Inferno: The Making of The ExpendablesMiddletown: Seventeen, The Devil and Daniel Johnston,HelveticaRestrepo
Andrew: Modern LifeLa DanseBoxing GymAnvil! The Story of Anvil
Luke: And Everything Is Going FineSpeed Racer: Welcome to the World of Vic Chesnutt
Josh: Dogtown and Z-BoyzLost In La ManchaCatfishThe Oath
57:25 – Darkon Interview
1:34:05 – New World Order Interview
2:07:50 – Outro

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-Intro Music “Oh” – Alex Metric [iTunes Link]
-Outro Music “+20 Broadsword” – Rotten Musicians [iTunes Link]

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #7: (Guest: Julien Nitzberg, Director of The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia)

0:00 – Intro
2:52 – How Was Your Weekend?

Beauty Day, Film Junk “Cooking with Gerry” Christmas Special
10:09 – Recommendations
The Larry Sanders Show Complete Series
Josh: Winnebago ManI’m Still HereExit Through the Gift ShopMy Kid Could Paint ThatMae Day
22:03 – Interview: Julien Nitzberg
01:09:27 – Outro

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Intro Music: “Straight to Hell” – Hank Williams III [iTunes Link]
Outro Music: “The Legend of D Ray White” – Hank Williams III [iTunes Link]

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #6: (Guests: Bill and Turner Ross and The Muscle)

0:00 – Intro
5:20 – How Was Your Weekend?

Family FuedCPH:DOX,
Cleanflix NewsRed Rock Film FestivalMarshall Cartwright
17:10 – Recommendations
Jay Happy People: A Year of the TaigaAmerican: The Bill Hicks StoryWastelandManda BalaSometimes It’s Gonna HurtAt the Edge of Russia,Middletown
Ross Bros The ExilesThe Stranger’s LandBecause We Were BornRunning StumbledBig River ManJackass 3D
Josh Sons of PerditionCool ItWinnebago ManBest Worst Movie
45:00 – Interview: The Ross Bros
01:28:20 – Outro

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Intro Music: “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” – Dump Truck
Outro Music: “Black or White” – Dick Brave & The Backbeats

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #5: (Guest: Ondi Timoner)

0:00 – Intro
1:35 – How Was Your Weekend?

Flyway Film Festival
Cooking With Gerry: Poutine
Reed’s House
Cantankerous Podcast
Library of Dust
Ondi Casts James Franco
23:10 – Recommendations
Jay Prisoner of Her Pastabsence/presence
Josh The Elephant In the Living RoomThe Tiger Next Door
33:35 – Interview: Ondi Timoner, We Live In PublicCool It
1:43:52 – Outro

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Intro Music: “Not If You Were the Last Dandy On Earth” – Brian Jonestown Massacre
Outro Music: “The Godspell According to A.A. Newcombe” – Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #4: (Guest: Jeff Deutchman)

0:00 – Intro
2:48 – Recommendations
Jeff Nostalgia For the LightCave of Forgotten Dreams
Jay Jackass 3DDeadliest CatchConventionTigrero
Josh Reel ParadiseReel Injun
33:37 – Interview: Jeff Deutchman, 11/4/08
1:11:37 – Outro

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Intro Music: “Things Are What You Make of Them” – Bishop Allen
Outro Music: “Artex” – Drew Danburry

The Documentary Blog Podcast Episode #3: (Guest: Malcolm Ingram)

Malcolm Ingram

0:00 – Intro
10:34 – What We Watched
Jay and Malcolm:
*SPOILERS*Catfish*SPOILERS*, Dear Zachery, Cool It
46:38 – Interview: Malcolm Ingram, Director of Small Town Gay Bar and Bear Nation
1:30:28 – Outro

Download the MP3 (43MB)


Intro Music: “Gay Bar” – Electric Six
Outro Music: “Be My Cub” – The Order of Good Cheer

Episode #2: (Guests: Bradley Beesley and Ben Steinbauer)

0:00 – Intro
5:30 – Docs We Recommend:
Bradley: Sweetgrass, Restrepo
Ben: I’m Still Here, Catfish
Josh: The Beaver Trilogy
25:00 – Jay’s TIFF Report: Tears of Gaza, Cool It, Armadillo, Machete Maidens Unleashed!, Caves of Forgotten Dreams, Boxing Gym, Tabloid
47:00 – Interview: Bradley Beesley, Director of Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo
1:07:20 – Interview: Ben Steinbauer, Director of Winnebago Man
1:36:17 – Outro

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Intro Music: “(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harms Way” – King Khan & The Shrines
Outro Music: “Hold Your Secrets to Your Heart” – Miracle Fortress

Episode #1: (Guest: Jeff Feuerzeig, Director of The Devil and Daniel Johnston)

0:00 – Intro
6:00 – Docs We Recommend:
Jeff – BurzynskiTabloidThe Wild and Wonderful Whites of West VirginiaThe Boys
Jay – CropseyIf God Is Willing and the Creek Don’t RiseThe Falling Man
Josh – Search For the Afghan GirlWaking Sleeping Beauty
23:00 – Documentary News: TIFF line-up announcedMorgan Spurlock’s Comic Con Documentary,Werner Herzog answers Twitter questionsStreet Fighting Man
51:25 – Blu Ray/DVD Releases: In the Shadow of the MoonLifeBlood Into Wine
55:40 – Trailers: I’m Still HereCatfishDrew: The Man Behind the Poster
1:04:50 – Interview: Jeff Feuerzeig, Director of The Devil and Daniel Johnston
2:08:11 – Outro

Download the MP3 (62 MB)


Intro Music: “Walking the Cow” – Tv On the Radio (Daniel Johnston Cover)
Outro Music: “Some Things Last a Long Time” – Built to Spill (Daniel Johnston Cover)