Top 10 Documentaries of 2013

Tim's Vermeer

Things have been quiet around these parts as of late. I haven’t had much time (or inspiration, to be honest) to do much posting lately but I figured I’d join in with rest of the internet and share my ‘best docs of 2013′ list.

Feel free to agree/disagree in the comments!

10. Northern Light (Dir. Nick Bentgen)

9. At Berkeley (Dir. Frederick Wiseman)

8. Bending Steel (Dir. Dave Carroll)

7. The Crash Reel (Dir. Lucy Walker)

6. The Last Station (Dir. Cristian Soto & Catalina Vergara)

5. 12 O’Clock Boys (Dir. Lotfy Nathan)

4. Maidentrip (Dir. Jillian Schlesinger)

3. Jodorowsky’s Dune (Dir. Frank Pavich)

2. The Expedition to the End of the World (Dir. Daniel Dencik)

1. Tim’s Vermeer (Dir. Teller)

Honourable Mentions: 15 Reasons to Live, Beyond the Edge, The Unknown Known, Blackfish, Dragon Girls, NCR: Not Criminally Responsible