Tchoupitoulas & Only the Young DVD Giveaway

Tchoupitoulas and Only the Young DVD

Two great films from last year — Tchoupitoulas and Only the Young — have just hit DVD via Oscilloscope Laboratories and we’ve got THREE copies for giveaway here at The Documentary Blog!

The interesting thing about this release is it’s actually a double bill. Yes, both films are contained in one DVD package, along with an array of special features. Tchoupitoulas was one of my favourite films of 2012 so obviously this release is a must own. For those unfamiliar with these films, here’s some info:

TCHOUPITOULAS is a lyrical documentary that follows three adolescent brothers as they journey through one night in New Orleans, encountering a vibrant kaleidoscope of dancers, musicians, hustlers, and revelers parading through the lamplit streets. The filmmakers fully immerse us into the New Orleans night, passing through many lively and luminous locations and introducing us to the people who make the city their home.

ONLY THE YOUNG follows the story of three teenagers that live in a small desert town in Southern California – a town dominated by foreclosed homes and underpasses, unfilled swimming pools and skate parks. These kids must find things to do in a place that offers nothing – yet in the course of observing their day-to-day lives, we see them discover friendship, first love, heartbreak, and what it means to be young. Tippet and Mims’ delicate, ethereal filmmaking and ONLY THE YOUNG’s innocent yet rebellious subjects collectively embody the very essence of adolescence.

For a chance to win a copy of Tchoupitoulas and Only the Young on DVD, simply send me an email here with ‘TCHOUP’ in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address and I will announce the winners sometime next week.

Tchoupitoulas and Only the Young are now available on DVD.