Morgan White’s ‘The Rep’ Hits Theatres Via a Unique New Distribution Model

Toronto filmmaker Morgan White has come up with a unique way of distributing his new film ‘The Rep’, which will have its Canadian theatrical debut this month at the Winnipeg Cinematheque. ‘The Rep’ is a love letter to repertory cinemas, focusing mainly on the story of the now defunct Toronto Underground. So, in an attempt to support independent cinemas struggling to compete with the big chain multiplexes, Morgan has offered up his film for free to those who are interested in programming it. Not only that, the theatre will keep 100% of the profit! Here’s what he has to say:

Are you a programmer of an independent theater, or maybe a film fan who loves the theatrical experience? I need your help!

At it’s core, The Rep is about the preservation of repertory and independent theatres, and the cinematic experiences one can have sitting in a darkened theatre with a group of people. That experience is something that I value greatly, and it was the driving force behind the creation of The Rep. I want to see these theatres survive.

And so, it is with that sentiment in mind that I’m offering The Rep to any theatre who’d like to play it, letting them keep 100% of the profits to put back in to their business. Maybe they could put the money in to programming an awesome rep flick, or put it towards upgrades to their theatre. What ever they see fit is A-Ok with me!

This distribution model certainly isn’t for everyone and I don’t see it catching on any time soon, but it’s a great addendum to the film itself and will hopefully inspire others to go out of their way to patronize and support their local independent cinemas.

If you’re a programmer and want to enquire about screening ‘The Rep’ at your cinema, head over to the film’s official website for more information.