Help Support Ben Powell’s ‘Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier’

Watch the above trailer and tell me you’re not excited to see this project. Austin filmmaker Ben Powell has been following Phil Collins on tour, but it’s not exactly what you think. This time Collins is bypassing rock arenas for book stores as he pushes his new book The Alamo and Beyond, which documents his world record collection of Alamo artifacts. From what I gather from the trailer, Collins’ experiences on tour offer a unique perspective on the life of this rock icon and his interest in collecting historical artifacts manages to reveal something about the nature of fandom and the autograph collectors that follow him.

Like most documentary projects, Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier has a Kickstarter page in an attempt to cover some post-production costs. Here’s a little message from Ben taken from that page.

I’m a Texas-based photographer and filmmaker, and I was hired to shoot the photos for Mr. Collins book in May 2011. When I heard about the publicity tour, I thought it might be an interesting subject for a short film.

On the tour I saw an overwhelming response from fans and Alamo enthusiasts, which led to strange interactions with Mr. Collins and myself. I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible to maintain a fly-on-the-wall perspective.

Inspired by verite filmmakers D.A. Pennebaker and Frederick Wiseman, I want to make a film that strips away the editorial manipulation associated with reality television and allow viewers to make their own conclusions. I want people to walk away with the same experience I had firsthand on the tour.

Independent films like this aren’t possible to make without the generous support of fans and people interested in artful storytelling.

Luckily, Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier has already reached its 10K Kickstarter goal, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use more of your generous support. In fact, Phil Collins has offered to write an original song for the short if the campaign reaches 30K. Either way, this looks like a wonderful short that should offer a unique perspective on Collins and an original take on what might otherwise be yet another boring rock star biopic.