Must Watch: Nathan Caswell & Jeremiah Zagar’s Short Doc ‘Always a Fire’

Nathan Caswell and Jeremiah Zagar’s ‘Always a Fire’ as an example of how to successfully take full advantage of cinematic real estate. A tightly told, emotionally engaging story presented with visual flare. ESPN, take note.

ALWAYS A FIRE is a short documentary film on former New York Giant CHAD JONES—a star athlete from LSU whose promising professional career was put on hold by a tragic car accident before it even had a chance to begin. The film details Chad’s incredible rehabilitation and recovery from the horrific accident that nearly cost him his life. Comprised of intimate interviews with Chad and his trainers, as well as never-before-seen footage of his long road to recovery, the film provides an unflinching view of an elite athlete facing unimaginable tragedy and refusing to submit.

Also, check out Jeremiah Zagar’s equally intriguing previous short, ‘Flatline’, embedded below.