Kickstarter Campaign: Xan Aranda’s ‘Mormon Movie’

It’s been a bit quiet lately here at The Documentary Blog, but I’m back with a new Kickstarter campaign that you guys should seriously consider taking part in. The film is ‘Mormon Movie’, directed by the wonderful Xan Aranda who’s debut film, ‘Andrew Bird: Fever Year’, has been touring the festival circuit over the last year. This time she’s turning the camera around on herself and her family, exploring their personal history with the controversial Mormon church. As the title suggests, there’s a particular interest in a Utah based motion picture studio which produced a number of religious educational films, many of which starred Xan’s own Mother.

Inspired by religious educational films her mother starred in while a student at Brigham Young University during the 1960s, director Xan Aranda revisits her ancestral religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) through the lens of two Mormon classics: a black-and-white Western portraying an historic clash between colonists and Pancho Villa in Mexico, and a jewel-toned yet tragic cautionary tale about marriage and doubt. As deeper threads of LDS beliefs are revealed, Xan explores the controversially clean-cut community she left behind – and her family’s spiritual fate beyond death.

This is simply one aspect of the film. For more details on Xan’s take on this story, head over to the ‘Mormon Movie’ Kickstarter page. After you’ve read about the film be sure to check out the various incentives and consider contributing to help make ‘Mormon Movie’ happen. They’ve got a year of shooting ahead of them and need your help!

Also, be sure to check out a 10 minute work-in-progress sneak peek at ‘Mormon Movie’ embedded below. After that, head to the film’s Kickstarter page and contribute!

MORMON MOVIE – First Look (WIP) from Kartemquin Films on Vimeo.