Friends of ‘Big River Man’ and ‘Running Stumbled’ Director John Maringouin Helping Raise Money For Surgery

Kickstarter campaigns are a dime a dozen and it seems like 80% of them are based around supporting potential documentary film projects. Well here’s a campaign that’s not in support of a film but rather a filmmaker. Stephen Kijak (Stones in Exile, Scott Walker-30 Century Man) has started a fund to help out his friend and colleague, director John Maringouin (Big River Man, Running Stubled). Here’s the info:

My friend, celebrated documentarian John Maringouin, thought he was suffering from chronic asthma for nearly a decade. His insurance company Kaiser Permanente had recently blocked his numerous efforts to get a CAT scan and other advanced diagnostics when his condition worsened. Having recently dumped them in pursuit of better coverage, John learned that in fact, he had a tumor in his lung, which as of last week, has collapsed. He is in a fighting spirit but is in need of an operation pronto! Being uninsured, he is being forced to go out-of-pocket for the procedure for which he was just quoted a price tag of $214K. Such is the state of health care in this country. He will not even be able to book the procedure without proving a nearly $60K down-payment. Since time is of the essence, THAT is our immediate goal, to get him the money to at least book the surgery. We may come back at’cha for the remaining expenses but for now, this man needs to book an operation. Having seen our creative community rally around projects on Kickstarter, I have faith that we can rally around one of our own, one of the most gifted independent filmmakers (and father of one awesome little dude) that I know, and see to it that he gets the help he needs. Please join me and donate generously and swiftly.

To donate, head over to the John Maringouin Surgery Fund page and simply click the donate button.

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