‘All In: The Poker Movie’ Trailer: Poker Players Are the Last Cowboys

I’ve never played poker in my life (I’m more of a Settlers of Catan man), so I don’t know that I have much personal interest in a film about the game. Having said that, a good documentary is capable of transcending its subject matter, creating a cinematic experience with universal themes. I’m not convinced ‘All In: The Poker Movie’ is that type of film, but I might be willing to give it a shot. Here’s the synopsis:

ALL IN – THE POKER MOVIE tells the story of the poker boom that started in the underground clubs of NYC and went on to be played on line, in casinos and at home games around the world until the US Government shut down the 3 largest poker websites in the world. The definitive story of the rise, fall and rebirth of poker.

Matt Damon! He was great in Rounders. Oh, and Annie Duke from Celebrity Apprentice! I love that show. ‘All In: The Poker Movie’ hits theatres March 23rd. Head over to Apple Trailers for an HD version of the trailer.

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