‘Street Fighting Man’ Trailer

A while back I posted about the Kickstarter campaign for Andrew James’ documentary ‘Street Fighting Man’. I was excited about it back then, and I’m definitely curious to see how the film has turned out and what sort of story Andrew captured during his time in Detroit. Well a new trailer has just popped up online and it looks like ‘Street Fighting Man’ is going to be a powerful, beautifully shot piece of work that gracefully combines a socially relevant issue with some great, cinematic filmmaking. Here’s the synopsis:

Street Fighting Man is a feature-length, narrative documentary that follows three inner-city men – each a generation apart – as they seek to define their lives in post-industrial Detroit. Deris Solomon is a young single father who wants to leave behind a high-risk life on the streets, Luke Williams is a middle-aged man remodeling a former crack house after being homeless for several years, and James “Jack Rabbit” Jackson is a retired police officer struggling to save his neighborhood from crime after the local police station is dissolved. Street Fighting Man pushes beyond statistics and headlines by sharing the lived experiences of the people who call Detroit home. Through the stories of these men, the film unflinchingly reveals how hard it can be to build a future when everything seems to be crumbling around you.

You can find more information on ‘Street Fighting Man’ at the film’s official website. Also be sure to ‘Like’ them on Facebook and ‘Follow’ them on Twitter to receive updates on how you can see this film.


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