The Documentary Blog Podcast Ep #15: Sundance/Slamdance 2012 Re-Cap

Sundance 2012

In this recap of the 2012 Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals, Joshua Ligairi is joined by Jeff Goldsmith of The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Jimmy Martin and Jeff Vice of Big Movie Mouth-Off, and Adam Palcher from A Damn Movie Podcast. The podcast features more than 25 mini-reviews and in-depth reviews of West of Memphis, The Impostor, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, and the Grand Jury Prize winning documentary film, The House I Live In. If you are looking for a review of a specific film, check the show notes because a couple of them come up multiple times with different guests. Filmmaker interviews conducted at Sundance 2012, including Stacy Peralta, Kirby Dick, Don Argott Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, will be saved for future podcast episodes.

00:00 Intro

04:05 Josh’s Sundance Reviews
04:11 The Atomic States of America
06:14 Chasing Ice
07:08 Detropia
09:51 The House I Live In
12:07 The Invisible War
15:06 Live Free or Die
19:07 Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
23:16 China Heavyweight
23:50 The Impostor

25:56 Josh’s Slamdance Reviews
25:58 Danland
26:58 I Want My Name Back
27:37 Getting Up: The Tempt One Story
28:57 Buffalo Girls
29:21 We Are Legion
29:58 Sundance / Slamdance Documentary Shorts
34:22 Jeff Goldsmith Introduction
39:10 The House I Live In
53:41 Adam Palcher Introduction
59:19 West of Memphis
1:05:41 Indie Game: The Movie
1:08:13 The Meaning of Robots
1:09:12 The Ambassador
1:14:59 Jimmy Martin and Jeff Vice Introduction
1:19:58 Big Boys Gone Bananas
1:22:55 Indie Game: The Movie
1:24:23 Chasing Ice
1:24:51 The Impostor
1:26:32 Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
1:29:18 China Heavyweight
1:29:36 Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap
1:30:49 West of Memphis
1:38:01 Outro

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