Help Support ‘How to Build a Time Machine': A Documentary About Time Travel!

Good news everyone! Hot Docs has just kicked off their own crowd sourcing initiative called Doc Ignite, and my next film, ‘How to Build a Time Machine’, is the first project they’re supporting!

After having a blast making Beauty Day, I wanted my follow up film to be something equally entertaining and fun to make, so I decided to return to a subject I’d dealt with before; time travel. As some of you may know, in 2005 I directed a short student documentary called Obsessed & Scientific. I’d always wanted to return to that subject matter and give it the treatment I felt it deserved, and now I have the chance to do just that. Now, with the help of Hot Docs, we’re hoping YOU might be interesting in helping support this project! Here’s a quick synopsis:

The year is 2036. Decades after the second American Civil War and the global nuclear strike known as ‘N-Day’, an American soldier named John Titor is assigned a top secret mission: travel back in time to the year 1975 and retrieve an IBM 5100 computer. During this mission, John would make an unexpected stop in the year 2000 for “personal reasons.” There he would connect with his family and then 2-year-old self and begin interacting online with a group of open-minded time travel enthusiasts. John would share information about the future and a detailed description of his time machine and how it works. While some question the veracity of John’s claims, others believe he was truly a man from the future.

How to Build a Time Machine is a genre bending ‘non-fiction, science-fiction mystery’ that will explore the story of John Titor through interviews and detailed recreations based on John’s original internet posts. We’ll also talk with theoretical physicists and time travel enthusiasts about the scientific reality of time travel and how this simple concept has inspired science fiction fans around the world. The result will be a unique, cinematic experience that’s sure to both entertain and enlighten.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to help cover some of our production costs, and in exchange, we’re offering some cool incentives. We’ve got DVD’s and Blu Ray’s of the final film (when it’s finished of course), a limited edition poster by artist Jesse Philips, Hot Docs screening tickets, and an AMAZING one-of-a-kind ‘Time Machine Zoetrope’ lamp designed and created by Rob Niosi, one of the subjects of the film. All of this — plus many more cool items – is up for grabs if you support our film! Just head over to our Doc Ignite project page and choose the incentive level that looks best for you!

Also, be sure to check out our campaign trailer, embedded above. It tells you a little about our campaign and features a sneak peek at some footage from the film! (There’s also an appearance by Film Junk’s own Reed Farrington). Thanks in advance to all of you who choose to help support our film!