‘I Am Bruce Lee’ Trailer: “He’s Put Balls on Chinese Men.” (Updated)

Ever wonder what Al Bundy and the Asian guy from the Black Eyed Peas might have to say about Bruce Lee? You’ll find out in the all-new Spike TV produced (I’ve been informed this was NOT produced by Spike TV) feature documentary, ‘I Am Bruce Lee’. The trailer is cut together using only three elements: footage from Lee’s films, footage from a single Lee interview, and talking head interviews provided by celebrities/experts/athletes, some of whom occasionally perform karate moves during their interviews. I can’t say I’m the biggest Bruce Lee fan myself, so maybe I’m not the right person to judge, but this trailer felt pretty uninspired. The film looks like an attempt at mixing Senna with Not Quite Hollywood, but the scope seems fairly limited and the content fairly shallow. Let’s face it, this trailer is completely void of any sort of interesting insight or observations beyond some lifeless soundbites. Here’s one of my favourite quotes from the aforementioned Black Eyed Peas guy: “That’s the vibe that Bruce Lee taught me…is to always bring it.” Interesting. Some other great lines:

“He was like the Elvis of marshal arts.”
“The moves that he could do…when you were wondering if they would speed up the camera.”
“That’s some cool stuff right there.”

To be fair, it’s only natural for the trailer to force in as many celebrity faces saying as many uninspired, cliched things as possible. So here’s hoping the actual film isn’t as dumb or claustrophobic as this clip makes it out to be. ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ hits select theatres on February 9th and 15th only. For more information on where you can see it, visit the film’s official website.