Liberia 77 Official Trailer

So I just got back from the Possible Worlds Film Festival in beautiful Sydney, Australia and while I was there I had a chance to check out some great Canadian films, including a wonderful documentary called Liberia 77. Director Jeff Topham and his brother Andrew grew up as expatriates in Liberia where their father worked for Exchem, a Canadian manufacturer of mining explosives. It was a unique childhood heavily documented through their father’s love of photography. Now, 30 years later, Jeff and Andrew (both photographers) return to a post-war Liberia, attempting to reconnect with their childhood memories and track down some familiar faces in their now a war-torn home.

When Canadian brothers Jeff and Andrew Topham returned to the war torn West African country of their childhood to re-shoot their father’s photos for a documentary, they also found a nation whose own photographic memory was destroyed by war.

Liberia ’77 is now gathering images from pre-war Liberia to return to the National Museum in Monrovia. Help us restore the photographic history of a nation.

The film successfully brings together a number of story elements beyond the Tophams’ personal journey, including a look at a Liberian chimpanzee sanctuary, the history of the war torn region, and the importance of photographs. Many Liberians were forced to burn their family pictures, wiping away years of photographic history. This has inspired the Tophams to use their film to start a photo sharing project in which they hope to collect as many pre-war Liberian pictures as they can with the help of the public. You can find out more about this great project here. Also, have a look at an excerpt from the film below that gives us a brief history on the troubles faced in Liberia.

Be sure to visit the Liberia 77 official website for more information on how to see this great film!


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