The Documentary Blog Podcast Ep #13: Hot Docs Special With Guest Kurt Halfyard

Hot Docs

Well it’s been nearly a month since the start of Hot Docs 2011 and looking back, it was definitely a great year. In this special (and epically long) episode of The Documentary Blog Podcast, I’m joined by fellow blogger/podcaster Kurt Halfyard of Row Three and Twitch Film. We sit down and talk in detail about some of the films we caught at the festival, including Morgan Spurlock’s meta take on movie marketing, ‘POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’. We also dig into Rodman Flender’s hilarious tour film ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’, Jon Foy’s cryptic ‘Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Files’, and one of my favourite films of the festival (and the year), James Marsh’s ‘Project Nim’. It doesn’t end there; in total we discussed fifteen films across just over two and a half hours! Yikes. You guys are in for the long haul with this one. You can download the mp3 below (or listen via the embedded player) and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed to stay on top of future episodes of the show. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know which films you think were the best of the fest at this years Hot Docs film festival!

0:00 – Intro
9:00 - POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
18:00 - Fightville
33:20 - Superheroes
48:40 - Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop
1:02:45 - Resurrect Dead: The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles
1:18:00 - Wisconsin Death Trip
1:27:40 - Project Nim
1:56:40 - Eco Pirate: The Story Of Paul Watson
1:58:30 - Abendland
2:02:15 - Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey
2:08:10 - Hell and Back Again
2:13:30 - Position Among the Stars
2:17:20 - Hot Coffee
2:28:10 - Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
2:32:00 - Boy Cheerleaders
2:42:00 – Outro

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-Intro Music “Speed of Life” – David Bowie [iTunes link]
-Outro Music “Super Duper Rescue Heads!” – Neon Trees [iTunes link]

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Beauty Day

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold



Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles

Project Nim

Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson


Being Elmo : A Puppeteer’s Journey

Hell and Back Again

Position Among the Stars

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Boy Cheerleaders