Snow On Tha Bluff Trailer. Is it real?

WAAAAYYYYY back in January, I remember Snow On Tha Bluff standing out amongst the Slamdance Film Festival lineup as one of the more puzzling films. Much like Catfish at Sundance the year previous, director Damon Russell’s raw look at the life and times of career criminal Curtis Snow has drawn questions of truth from those looking out for such things. I think this case is slightly different considering the fact that the film was listed as part of the festival’s dramatic narrative competition. Still, Russell has remained somewhat ambiguous about whether or not this film can be classified as ‘non-fiction’, claiming in the offiicial press kit that they “have been advised by legal counsel that in order to protect ourselves and everyone in the film, we should not divulge this information.” Based on the synopsis, I can see why:

SNOW ON THA BLUFF is the story of, Atlanta robbery boy and crack dealer, Curtis Snow who steals a camera from some college kids in a dope deal and begins documenting his life. At first, it’s business as usual for Curt. He robs dope boys, he runs from the cops, and he sells drugs, all while trying to provide for his baby momma and 2-year-old son. But when one of the drug dealers he ripped off comes back for revenge, things in Curt’s life spirals out of control.

So…is it real? Based on the trailer, it seems pretty clear that the film contains a combination of staged and true events. The only real question it raises for me is whether or not to post the trailer here or over at Film Junk. For the sake of subverting documentary expectations and starting a conversation, I decided this was the place to do it. You can find out more info about the film at the official website. Go ahead and share your thoughts on the trailer in the comments section.