“They Were There”, A Short Film About IBM Directed by Errol Morris

I must be completely out of the loop because the above short film seems to have popped up out of nowhere. “They Were There” is a half hour film that looks at some of the employees that were “there when IBM changed the way the world works.” It’s classic Morris — right down to what seems to be a new Philip Glass score — and a real treat for hardcore fans of his work (and IBM computers I suppose). Here’s some info on the project:

What does it mean to be an IBMer? Every employee experiences the company in different ways, but the global impact IBM has made on business and society over the last 100 years gives us all a common framework. “They Were There” is told by first-hand witnesses—current and retired employees and clients—who were there when IBM helped to change the way world works.

This isn’t the first time IBM has hired Errol to make them a film. Back in 1999 he shot a short documentary intended to screen at an in-house conference for IBM employees. The conference was ultimately cancelled and the film was never screened, but you can check it out in full on his website. This new project is definitely a great substitute. It certainly beats his recent work with eHarmony. Thanks to Jason for the heads up on this one.