Kickstarter Campaign: The Last Battle

This month’s highlighted Kickstarter campaign is The Last Battle. With full disclosure, I should mention this is a project I’m advising on. The filmmaker, Jemma Gander, began working on this project over a year ago and has done so on her own, with very little financing, and the film is 99% completed. Having seen the project progress from the initial idea to the fine cut stage I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the film, and how far it’s come with little to no resources.

Now the last final hurdle is to raise the money for the archive featured in the film. There’s only a small amount but it’s vital to the story, and so Jemma has turned to Kickstarter to try and raise the funds. Being able to include the archive would see the project come to fruition so please do check out the Kickstarter video below, and Jemma’s description of the film after the jump.

We have spent the last year and a half filming with four Kenyan claimants who are petitioning the British Government for torture they experienced in colonial Kenya during the ‘Emergency’ 1952-1960.

We’re hoping to create a feature length documentary that offers a platform for the story to be told and for the elderly Kenyan’s to be heard after years of being silenced by their government and mine. We’ve been working with a small team as Director, Editor and Producer all working for free. We have cut a fine cut of the film in terms of the case so far and we are hoping to film the hearing (externally) that is being heard at The Royal Courts of Justice in April 2011, online in post-production, get the film onto the festival circuit and hopefully broadcast.

The case is not without it’s surrounding debates and disagreements with some claiming the alleged torture did not take place in the detention camps as is claimed by the four elderly Mau Mau test claimants from Kenya. Both sides of the story are apparent within the film so far. We however have heard the testimonies and many American, English and international historians, scholars and legal experts have proved that torture did take place.

We aim to tell the claimants story, those who disagree and to show a fair and balanced portrayal of what happened in Kenya in the 1950s.

The link to The Last Battle on Kickstarter is here