Kickstarter Campaign: The DocYard

This month’s highlighted Kickstarter campaign is a little different, but one we really hope you’ll join us in supporting. The DocYard is a fantastic documentary screening and discussion series held at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. What makes the series great is that they not only bring the filmmakers in for each screening but they hold a party afterwards with the filmmaker in attendance, and this is what they’re trying to raise money for. Screening series like this are so important for documentary as it’s often so hard to get to see these kinds of films, and having the added aspect of an informal way to talk to other documentary fans, and the filmmaker, makes The DocYard special.  Their Kickstarter campaign isn’t asking for a huge sum of money, but one that will really help this project.

The DocYard’s next season begins on February 1st and details of the upcoming films, and also more information about the campaign, can be found below the jump. I also recommend checking out the video below.

The DocYard is a documentary screening and discussion series held bi-weekly at the Brattle Theatre. Each of our screenings is followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker and after-party in Harvard Square. Our goal with these special events is to build a vibrant, creative community for Boston’s filmmakers, film students and film fans. The series started in 2010 as a collaboration between the LEF Foundation, Camden International Film Festival and Principle Pictures.

During our inaugural summer season, we were treated to great screenings with local directors like Fred Wiseman and Jane Gillooly, but we also flew in visiting filmmakers from California, Texas, Utah and New York. Even though this can be expensive and makes it impossible for us to break even with ticket sales, we strongly believe that having filmmakers present for Q&A is what transforms an ordinary screening into a community-building event.

We’re still pumped by the success of our first season and we’d love to keep the series running year-round. But to make it financially sustainable, we need your help!!

The next season:

Feb 1 at 8pm
Feb 15 at 7pm

The Edge of Dreaming
Mar 1 at 7pm

David Wants to Fly
Mar 15 at 7pm

Mar 29 at 7pm

The Order of Myths
April 12 at 7pm

April 26 at 8pm

The DocYard website is here

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