Watch It For Free: High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell

High on Crack Street

If any of you caught David O. Russell’s awesome boxing film The Fighter this past month, you probably left the theatre as curious as I was about the HBO documentary crew that played such a big role in the movie. Dickie Edlund (played by Christian Bale) was one of three featured subjects in the 1995 made for television documentary film High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell. Guess what it’s about? I’ll tell you: crack addicts. This film came out in a time when HBO was known for their edgy non-fiction programming (most of which were under the subtitle America Undercover) that included Taxicab Confessions, Autopsy and Hookers and Johns. While all of these shows were quite graphic and raw, High on Crack Street is particularly depressing and frustrating. It’s an honest look into the wasted lives of a handful of Massachusetts drug addicts. Snag Films has the entire movie streaming for free, so if head over to their site and check it out or have a look at the preview below.

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