The Documentary Blog Recommends: AFOL A Blocumentary

Who didn’t love Lego as a kid? I loved it even back before all of the franchise tie-ins (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spider-Man). I have to say it isn’t surprising to discover that a group of dedicated adult Lego fans have created their own society of builders called AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego) It’s even less surprising that there’s a documentary about them! AFOL A Blocumentary is a short film directed by Jess Gibson which examines the ‘love for the brick’, highlighting the passion and creativity behind one of the world’s most open-ended and expressive toy products. As with many docs focused on seemingly limited subject matter, the participation of truly passionate people reveals a whole new perspective on what some might write off as merely ‘playing with toys’. You can watch the entire film for free embedded at the top of this post. NIIICCCEEEEEEE.