Drew: The Man Behind The Poster Trailer

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Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, The Thing… the list goes on and on. Drew Struzan is one of the few “names” in movie posters. He is responsible for illustrating some of the most famous posters in cinema history and his work accomplishes what so many other movie posters fail to do, creating images so memorable that they become the key iconography of the films they represent.

Frank Darabont, who hired Drew Struzan to create the posters for The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, later based the main character in The Mist on Struzan himself. In fact, The Mist Collector’s Edition DVD includes an interesting 7 minute featurette called Drew Struzan: An Appreciation of An Artist. Now, the first trailer for a new feature-length Drew Struzan documentary, entitled Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, has been released.

As much as I love his work, I am interested to see if the subject matter can sustain a feature-length film. The 7-minute Mist featurette felt about right to me, although it didn’t have the same barrage of A-list guests singing Struzan’s praises (Steven Spielberg can talk me into almost anything). As a side note, I’ll be curious to see if Kevin Smith makes an appearance in the film. His Mallrats poster made this trailer, but both Smith and his producer, Scott Mosier, have stated in the past that they somewhat blame Struzan’s poster for Mallrats‘ box office failure.

What do you think? Does this trailer pique your interest? Is this documentary too “inside baseball” or is it a tribute that is long overdue?

More info on Drew: The Man Behind The Poster can be found at the official website: Drewthemovie.com.

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