Frederick Wiseman’s Boxing Gym to Open at IFC Centre in October

One film I’m really looking forward to this year is Frederick Wiseman’s Boxing Gym. I’m not really a fan of the sport but I do seem to really respond to boxing films. There’s just something inherently dramatic about the whole thing and I’m curious to see how Wiseman handles the material. His clinical approach should shed an interesting light on a subject that’s usually knee deep in melodrama and emotion. It seems like much of the film might focus on the idea of the boxing gym as a social and cultural melting pot.

Boxing Gym premiered at this years Cannes Film Festival and will open at the IFC Centre on October 22nd before hitting theatres across the US. I haven’t been able to find a trailer for the film but I did come across a video interview with Wiseman which happens to include some clips. Check it out:

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