Freakonomics Documentary to Finally Surface at Tribeca Film Festival

I’ve been wondering for a while now what happened to the Freakonomics documentary that was announced back in 2007. Based on the best-selling book by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, it had an all-star line-up of documentary directors each signed on to direct different segments of the film including Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side), Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp), Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight) and Seth Gordon (The King of Kong). As a fan of the book and many of these filmmakers, I was really looking forward to it.

At some point there were rumours that the movie may have run into production trouble, and last year, when Morgan Spurlock was reportedly showing off footage to buyers at Cannes it did seem like some of the segments had been cut (last I heard, it was down to just five). Now the public will finally get a look at the finished product when Freakonomics makes its world premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival as the closing night gala on April 30th. You always have to wonder when a movie takes this long to surface, but I’m still hoping it lives up to its potential.

Source: New York Times