The Universe Season 4 Blu Ray Review

The Universe: Season 4If I think about the Universe for too long I’m liable to pass out and wet my pants. It’s THAT mind-blowing. How can something actually go on forever? Luckily, the History Channel has just released season 4 of its great series ‘The Universe’ to help clear up some important questions about the deep, dark vastness of space. Want to know what would happen if the Moon disappeared? You’ll find the answers in this great collection!

I’ve only just began watching this show for this review, so I’m a little behind. I’m not sure if previous seasons have covered the basics of the universe (I imagine so) but it certainly seems that four seasons deep, things have gotten a little more hypothetically dark. Many episodes tend to focus on apocalyptic scenarios, suggesting possible outcomes to Earth shattering events (literally). Science enthusiasts might be a little put off by this, but I found these episodes to be pretty fun. Watching a bunch of professionals talk about their favourite ways to end the world is pretty entertaining and the accompanying visuals are actually fairly impressive. While some of the CG work might not hold up to feature film standards, I think the majority of the space shots are quite beautiful. This is definitely where the HD shines.

The Universe is presented in full 1080p and features a PCM 2.0 uncompressed audio soundtrack. The video quality is definitely impressive and could probably make for some great ‘blow the minds of your neighbours’ reference video. The only time the video takes a hit is when the show cuts to archival footage. In this case, it’s all dependent on the quality of the source material. Otherwise, talking head interviews and the computer generated space footage is pretty brilliant.

So for fans of space and doomsday scenarios, I would say The Universe season 4 is a fun watch. Click here for more information on the series and how to purchase it online.