Winnebago Man Picked Up for Distribution By Kino

Winnebago Man

While I normally don’t post many industry-type news stories, I thought I’d throw this one up simply because I was happy to hear it. Right off the heels of Michael Paul Stephenson’s Best Worst Movie finding a distributor, Ben Steinbauer’s hilarious Winnebago Man has been picked up for US theatrical/DVD distribution by Kino. IndieWIRE reports that the film will have its theatrical premiere this July in New York City and will expand to major markets throughout the summer and fall. We’ll also be seeing a DVD release for the holidays! NICE. Kino, do me a kindness and throw a Jack Rebney commentary track on there would ya?

For those who haven’t seen or heard of the film, here’s the official synopsis:

WINNEBAGO MAN reveals the story of Jack Rebney (a.k.a. “the angriest man in the world”), who has delighted and fascinated millions of viewers with his hilariously foul-mouthed outtakes from an RV sales video–one of the first and most infamous underground videos to be passed hand-to-hand on VHS tapes, before YouTube turned it into a full-blown viral phenomenon. Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer takes on the seemingly impossible task of tracking down Rebney, who is more savvy, irascible, deep, weird, and cool than you could possibly imagine. In short, he is a star. The film is a hilarious, smart, and unexpectedly poignant look at one man’s response to unintended Internet celebrity, and ultimately a story of how a so-called ‘humiliation’ can become a beacon of light to many.

Both Best Worst Movie and Winnebago Man were included in the The Documentary Blog’s top films of 2009. Visit the official Winnebago Man website for more information on the film and where you might be able to catch it this summer.