Hubble 3D Trailer


If you’re a fan of astronauts, space travel and the final frontier, you’ll probably be interested to know that Warner Brothers are teaming up with NASA this year to put out a documentary about the most recent mission to repair the Hubble telescope in orbit. The movie will be released this March in IMAX 3D, and will be narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (although he obviously hadn’t yet been hired when they were putting together this new trailer).

It’s hard to say if there is much of a story here or if it’s closer to being just another one of those general interest IMAX movies you see at museums. The trailer seems to hint that there will be some elements of danger and suspense, but I’m guessing the main reason to see it will be for the visuals. Either way, I’d probably check it out if it was playing in a theatre near me. Watch the trailer after the jump or check it out in HD over at