Chris Smith’s Collapse Trailer


The one documentary that Jay and I actually managed to catch at the Toronto Film Festival this year was Chris Smith’s Collapse. Admittedly, the only thing we knew about it going in were Smith’s past credits, which included American Movie and The Yes Men… and that was good enough for us. What we ended up getting was a totally different animal from any of his previous documentaries, however, and yet it was still a film that many people were calling the best doc at TIFF this year.

Collapse centers around the theories and ideas of a man named Michael Ruppert, a former member of the LAPD turned investigative journalist. He essentially outlines the various ways in which the world’s total economic collapse is not only possible but inevitable, but just when you think this is going to be An Inconvenient Truth all over again, you learn that Ruppert may not be the most reliable narrator. He’s been called a conspiracy theorist and a nutjob by many. Either way, the film is shot in a simple yet slick Errol Morris-influenced style, and Ruppert proves to be a great talker and an intriguing character. It’s a movie that will give you plenty to mull over… although if even part of what Ruppert has to say is true, we’re all screwed. (It’s interesting to note that even on the Apple trailer page, Collapse is classified under both the “Documentary” and “Horror” genres.) Collapse hits select theatres on November 6th; check out the trailer below and see what you think.

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