No Impact Man Trailer


Oscilloscope Laboratories continues their streak of acquiring cool documentaries for distribution with No Impact Man, the tale of one man who tries to change his lifestyle so that he leaves absolutely no impact on the environment for an entire year. While I have to admit that I’m starting to get a little burnt out on eco-themed docs over the past few years, after watching this trailer for this one, I am convinced that it offers something just a little bit different.

The hook with No Impact Man is that author Colin Beavan is forcing his family to participate in the experiment as well, and this apparently creates some tension between him and his wife. It also makes for a pretty funny flick (or so I hear). What’s more, they aren’t living in some hippie commune either — they’re trying to achieve this all while living in a 5th Avenue New York City apartment. I’m looking forward to seeing not only how it affects their relationship, but also how it changes the minute details of their every day life. For more information visit Colin’s blog; No Impact Man hits select theatres on September 4th. Watch the embedded trailer below, or see it in HD over at


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