A 13 Minute Sneak Peak at Christopher Hitchens Doc ‘Collision’

Months ago I was spending my long, boring days at work trying to kill time on the internet as my bank account slowly grew in size. Yes, the good news is even when there’s no work to be done, you still get paid. I spent a fair amount of time looking at conspiracy theory vids and various YouTube posts of people performing the Mama’s Family theme song on the drums. One of my favourite time killer’s was the numerous Christopher Hitchens debates available in full around the inter-web. I know a lot of people think this guy is a total d-bag, but I happen to enjoy his talks. He has a pompousness to him that would be infuriating if I didn’t agree with so much of what he says.

Months later, I’m now unemployed (technically, a leave of absence) and I’m still killing time on the internet; only now my bank account is reverse growing (shrinking) faster than a computer generated Brad Pitt face. Luckily, a good friend of mine (Thanks Zacharia!) has sent me a link to a preview video of a feature length documentary called ‘Collision’, which follows Christopher Hitchens and pasture Doug Wilson on a recent travelling roadshow-debate-tour. The 13 minute long video preview gives us a look at the ideas explored in the film and based on videos I’ve seen of these guys speak, it could be pretty interesting. The film is currently making its festival rounds and will hopefully be readily available for viewing by the end of the year. Also available are the two videos I’ve embedded below, featuring Hitchens and Wilson giving their short reviews of the film. Check it out:


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